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5 benefits of working with a remote dev team

In today’s fast-moving world every startup and enterprise-level business inevitably faces the challenges of technology – at least at some point. No matter you want to launch a website or create a desktop/mobile application you will need a team to help you achieve your business aims.

You might either employ them in-house, hire freelancers separately or work with a remote development team. I firmly believe that adopting the last strategy can bring you numerous benefits and boost the project’s success.

1. Access to top talents

The main benefit of outsourcing software development is an immediate access to top-notch developers, no matter where they are located. The broadened pool of IT specialists brings infinite possibilities – cost effective teams running like a well-oiled machine, ready to handle your project. No time-consuming recruitment processes involved!

2. The best quality-price ratio

To put it simply, devs in United States, United Kingdom and other countries of Western Europe are damn expensive. A software developer in US earns an average salary of $68,948 per year, whereas in Poland $22,597 only (source: Not to mention costly recruitment process and additional costs such as holidays, sick leaves, equipment, office rent…

Software outsourcing lets you make use of cheaper developers not sacrificing the quality. You pay for what you get – no matter fixed price or time and materials. All tools are included, so no extra expenditures will surprise you.

3. Flexibility

Especially in a startup and tech environment being agile and quick to react to changes is the key to success. Requirements and solutions evolve and you cannot always predict what skills and team members will be needed to deliver product on time.

An urgent bug needs fixing? Pitch deck takes place tomorrow? You want to delay development till the next investment round? Only hiring a remote outsource team you can quickly increase or decrease number of devs working for you.

4. Versatile skills

Developing advanced software application you will need some skills for a limited period of time. There is no sense to hire those specialists full-time, and cooperating with different many freelancers is risky.

Here again, a remote team can add appropriate devs and designers when needed. For example, in skygate we can expand your dev team with web designers, or add devs when UX project needs coding.

5. Faster and more predictable development

A ready-made team will bring you professionals who have experience working together, follow dev processes, and use the same project management tools. It will also provide a backup or extra forces in the event of mishap. Coherent team works faster with more predictable outcome.

Summing up

Outsourcing software development works perfectly well especially with limited budget and small amount of time. It gives access to better and cheaper teams of developers, offering versatile skills and running like a well-oiled machine. The result is faster development with more predictable outcome.

Do you still want to build own in-house team?