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5 must-know strategies to manage a remote team

We live in an era where geographical constraints lose their importance. Actually we love to make
use of the broadened pool of options – not to mention eBay, Skype or Netflix. The same should
happen when building software, so why are you having second thoughts? Let me show you how to
handle a remote team and start making use of better, cheaper and more effective developers.

1. Set clear goals

Working in a software industry for almost 4 years now, I’ve noticed that the lack of aim
can dishearten even the greatest developers. Make sure your team sees the big picture and
understands the goals. Having done that, set smaller, weekly objectives for each team member, so
they can keep track of their tasks and feel personal responsibility for the project.

2. Schedule regular group video calls

Face to face communication is crucial when working with a remote team. It builds connection,
trust and true partnership, but also informs you on any setbacks. Make full-team calls an
inevitable part of a weekly schedule, try not to miss or reschedule them.

3. Track the progress

Having set goals you need to track their status. Project management tools will help you
communicate with your team, check what they’ve done and what were the obstacles. In
skygate we use Slack, Redmine, Trello and other tools.

4. Give feedback

Provide regular feedback for constant growth of your project and team. It will help your
employees perform their best and avoid repeating mistakes.

5. Last but not least, employ the right people

You should look for self-motivated, communicative and can-do devs, and test them before hiring.
In skygate we solve test tasks or offer fixed price development trials, so you can check us
before buying… and I’m sure you won’t want another team.