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Build your MVP with skygate

Why do you need an MVP?

If you’re a startup founder no doubt you dream big. Plan to start a new Facebook or Google with plenty of amazing features and functionalities that will change the world and improve the lives of millions. Unfortunately, unless you’re a millionaire, that’s not the way to kick off.

The first thing you need is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – a working product but with reduced set of features. This is the least time- and money-consuming way of validating your idea and testing if your product is simply something people will love to use (and finally pay for).

With an MVP you can:

✓ Find early adopters and get feedback. ✓ Validate the idea. Learn quickly what users really want and what changes you need to apply to make your product successful. ✓ Present the prototype to investors/angels. ✓ Reduce the risk of your startup’s failure – how to do it you will read in this blog post! When you have a working MVP it is much easier to obtain product/market fit, find investment to scale your business and build your own dream team.

Why you should hire an external team

Own team is expensive. Salaries, benefits, training, proper workplace – they all generate unnecessary on this stage monthly costs, before the startup starts to generate any revenue.

On this stage it is hard to gather a quality team. First because you need to reduce costs so can’t afford top notch specialists, second because the unknown startup is not the most attractive workplace for talented designers and devs.

External team of startup specialists have appropriate know-how and will help you avoid common mistakes. In skygate we’ve got experience with startups from the whole world e.g. US, Ireland, UK, Germany in the financial, real estate, education, artistic, and food sector.

What skygate can do for you

We’re your partner in growth from the first MVP – be it simple landing page or a Python/PHP application (we use Django, Symfony and AngularJS/React frameworks). We will help you focus on the core features, reduce complexity of your product and build it as simple as possible, so you won’t burn money on excessive hours of development.

We build startups based on 3 integral parts: strategy, design and development. You won’t need to manoeuvre between different freelancers to get things done. We’ll shoulder all responsibility for the working MVP, so you’ll be able to focus on growing your business only.

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