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5 benefits of working with a remote dev team

In skygate we truly believe that there are no ready-made solutions and processes suiting every client. We understand that not everyone has a six-digit budget and years to wait for the perfect final product. To adjust to the client and their needs, and not realize internal processes – this is what I call true Agile.

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Build your MVP with skygate

Build your MVP with skygate to obtain product/market fit, find investment to scale your business and build your own dream team.

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Marketplace startup and how (not) to build it

How to build a marketplace startup – definition, structure, process, examples of companies and our tips. Don’t burn money on excessive development and try to keep the MVP platform simple – core features only.

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Switzerland Trip

We’re continuing the trip around Europe meeting with our present and future clients. Our next destination after Belgium was Switzerland.

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#CPHFTW Townhall #7

#CPHFTW – Copenhagen for the win On January 21 we have attended a well-known startup event in Copenhagen. It took place in an old warehouse […]

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Tech Saturdays Wro#23

New Beginnings The first 2016 Tech Saturdays Wroclaw meetup took place last weekend with the watchword New Beginnings. Rafał Plutecki, the Head of Google Campus…

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Christmas party 2015 in SkyBar

skygate in SkyBar This year we didn’t follow the tradition of organizing company’s Christmas party in one of our offices, but made a trip to the SkyBar…

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About #OMGKRK #OMGKRK connects tech and startup communities in Cracow, who want to share knowledge and build cutting-edge products. There are 200 companies & 3000 people…

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TechSaturdays Wroclaw: 2nd Birthday

Tech Saturdays is a startup event taking place once a month. It aims at integrating tech and creative businesses, and developing the startup ecosystem…

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Integration trip

For the first time all three skygate teams (developers and creative team, 35 people altogether) met for an integration outside Cracow, Gliwice and Wrocław, where ….

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Say hello to Polish startups

Are you interested in the startup market and you don’t want to miss anything noteworthy? We recommend you to look at the best Polish startups […]

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Startup Weekend Stavanger

April 10-12 we took part in Startup Weekend Stavanger. Pics come from Innovation Dock, where the event took place, as well as our strolling around Stavanger …

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