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#CPHFTW Townhall #7

#CPHFTW - Copenhagen for the win

On January 21 we have attended a well-known startup event in Copenhagen. It took place in an old warehouse near Cph’s skatepark. We were impressed from the first moment we walked in. The entrance was overcrowded by variety of people from entrepreneurs to people keen on startups so it wasn’t even easy to pass through. Few minutes before the main programme we found a place to sit and waited for the upcoming speeches.


First speech was done by the founder of Trustpilot company Peter Holten Mühlmann. This very interesting guy was mostly talking about his ups and downs at the very beginning of the company. From 2007 he was able to drive this small Danish startup to huge international multi-million dollar company.


Another presentation of a very successful start-up took place at the #CPHFTW as well. This start-up is called Sponsta. Sponsta connects companies, entrepreneurs and Instagrammers together. At this website companies can find a perfect person for their marketing campaign according to the location, content and gender of an Instagrammer.

In our opinion, this website is a really good way to connect young talented people and on the other side to create fancy campaign for a reasonable price.

Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen – partner at Balderton Capital

The second key speaker at #CPHFTW event was Lars Nielsen. This half-Danish genius studied in England and moved to US where he started working for Uber. After this experience he had the opportunity to work for Dropbox and became one of the earliest employees there. In 2015 Lars became a general partner of Balderton company in 2015. In the presentation he described distressful but after all successful path of his career.

This speech was one of our best in our lifes. Lars emitted really great energy and was talking mainly about success in life. With ending words „I bet that one of you will 100% be next multi-millionaire“ everybody was cheered up.


This startup made in Copenhagen by Danish and Swedish guys, focuses on satisfaction of employees. Through collecting data directly from people working inside the company, Peakon is able to find out what management can do to satisfy needs of their employees.

As we met with Gustav, a member of a Pekon team, we have to state that this start-up really can change the atmosphere inside the company. Their vision is to improve the way how to collect data and motivate employees to fill the forms needed.


Another catchy startup presentation was performed by Plamena Cherneva. This project may impress mostly people without any sense of computing, and mainly women. It is called Codher. The idea is to bring more feminine population to engineering and IT world. Plamena was able to hold our attention by her motivational speech. In the end she invited whole audience to their headquarters for couple of nice moments to be spent by learning new things.


It was our first startup event under skygate. It was really inspiring to hear all of the stories of such successful startups. We can say that the content of this event was really well cheered and we literally felt the ideas flowing around us. We are looking forward to going to another #CPHFTW or any other startup event in the near future.

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