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Dedicated Development Team in Poland

Do you know startups are going global even during the early stage now? While sales can be done in California or whole United States, it’s getting more and more common to have your own development team located remotely. Not just one developer or a group of random freelancers. There are approximately 10 million Americans of Polish descent. There are also and more companies in Poland – that focuses on UX / UI, frontend and backend development, so you can focus on your business, not on the technology.

What are the most important factors, when choosing a good vendor?

1. Communication / soft skills – it’s 6 or even 9 hours of difference, so even if you get up early on – the team in Poland will probably be in their second part of working day. That’s why it is important the team understand your needs and just report the progress, so you don’t need to micro-manage them.

2. Experience / portfolio – you don’t want to be the guinea pig. It is your right as a customer to ask for references and testimonials. It’s more and more popular to ask for phone number or email to previous customer, so you can talk in person and ask about the experience.

3. Open mind – you’re building a high-tech product, that cost tens, hundreds and thousands of thousands of US dollars. In order to differentiate from your competitors, you’ll need your product to work fast and look nice.

4. Going beyond the scope – there are different moment on the way, especially in venture projects. That’s why you need a partner – who is like a sherpa and will be with you in the good and bad moments.

5. Skills – you love your vendor but the code doesn’t work? Next time you need to find professionals, with proven expertise in their field and with ability to learn fast. You need somebody, who is dedicated to build your success.

Last but not least:

6. Love – you must love the team you’ll be working with and really want to spend next set of months or years with them. You need to feel that thing!