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Lean Startup

Lean startup – skygate approach to a customer needs. “Lean startup” is a method for developing businesses and products first proposed in 2011 by Eric Ries, which proves that startups can shorten their product development cycles by adopting a combination of business-hypothesis-driven experimentation. What our team find useful in this method are the following: – It helps to build companies and launch products quicker – Team is more in line with customer needs. – Development time is much shorter – It does not involve large amount of funding   skygate basing work on Lean startup approach try to achieve Minimum Viable Product, allowing to get as much information on customer’s need as possible with the least effort. This way developers do not work on projects for months only to find out that it does not meet the customer expectation but they can get feedback very quickly. When getting the feedback and knowing who is the ‘target’ of the product the developers can decide whether to build it or tweak it or to pivot it. The company continues the cycle, which is called the build, measure, learn.  


To sum up, by using the lean start up approach skygate team guarantee:

  • Shorter product development cycles.
  • Building products that meet customer needs through validated learning, scientific experimentation and iterative product releases.