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Łódź Design Festival 2015

Exceptional atmosphere of Łódź Design Festival draws large audiences every year – among others myself. However, I don’t focus on being on every event, but take time to wander around, attend more or less random lectures, allow myself to be surprised by solutions that might solve real – smaller or bigger – problems, such as this year’s shoes that grow (they adjust up to 5 sizes and cover 5 years of life of a kid), or the Robak (Worm) jacket to sit comfortably in city spaces thanks to pumped back.

Below you’ll find some reminiscences of the International Design Festival in Łódź, which hopefully will encourage you come to the event yourself.

Art_Inkubator former factory buildings dating back to 19th century, where most of the exhibitions, lectures and workshops take place. In the foreground you can see premiere outdoor armchairs Tulii by Noti, in the colors of LDF 2015 edition.

lodz-design-festival-polandlodz-design-festival-art-inkubator lodz-design-festival-art-inkubator-tymienieckiego lodz-design-festival-outdoor

I’ll never get bored by the night of open ateliers taking place in Off Piotrkowska every year, where you can observe working environment of artists, have a drink with them, and finally buy their products.

lodz-off-piotrkowska lodz-design-festival-off-piotrkowska lodz-design-festival-off-piotrkowska-open-ateliers lodz-design-festival-ateliers

Little Black chair, here as a part of exibition, but you could actually test it in LDF café in Art_Inkubator.


Lovely, modern lamps made of concrete:


Ikea section on the 1st floor of the festival centre:


Lots of accessories:

lodz-design-festival-wooden-frames-glasses lodz-design-festival-bike lodz-design-festival-mugs-modern

And finally the ‘Worm’ jacket which I’ve fallen in love with <3