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Netherlands Trip

Last week we visited Netherlands. Our 7-day route: Wrocław > Eindhoven > Rotterdam > Hague > Rotterdam > Amsterdam > Eindhoven > and back to Poland. We were visiting our partners, taking part in meetups and networking, did some sightseeing and above all rode hundreds of kilometers by bike. No matter the rain, we adore every aspect of Netherlands.

The Netherlands

It is a small but very densely populated country located in Western Europe. Its most prominent cities are Amsterdam (capital), the Hague and Rotterdam, with the largest port in Europe. It is known for economic freedom, high per capita income and high quality of life.

The Netherlands is one of world’s leaders in terms of export, among others the second-largest exporter of food (after US). It is also a very attractive country for direct investment being one of world’s top 5 most competitive economies.

Dutch entrepreneurship and startup scene

The Netherlands is considered a good place for entrepreneurship and startups due to favorable taxes, travel and digital infrastructure, technological know-how, multilingual employees, extraordinary quality of life, excellent education and healthcare system.

The Netherlands is 11th country in the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Index ranking (for full report click here). Its capital Amsterdam has become a significant IT hub of Europe, its creative and fun atmosphere liked by tech talents and startups.

According to TechCrunch after Berlin and London, Dutch startup scene is considered one of most outstanding in Europe. Some of the well-known innovative companies born in the Netherlands include, and TomTom.

Dutch government is committed to tech entrepreneurship e.g. offers a so-called startup visa. The ‘scheme for startups’ is aimed at businesspeople from outside of the European Union and offers a one year residence permit to create an innovative product or service.