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Poland on Expo 2015

Milan, Italy, hosts the Expo exhibition from May 1 to October 31, 2015. This year’s edition is centered around the core theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life. Over 140 participating countries show their technological achievements in the field of safe and healthy food production, with respect to the environment. Each exhibitor country first of all presents their food culture, and gastronomic & agricultural traditions.

Expo can be hated for its crowds and never-ending queues (to the venue gate and to the particular pavilions), but at the same time it gives the unique opportunity to take “a journey around the world” in a few days – you can talk with the citizens, try their food, see their architecture, traditions, and what they value. After all each country tries to show off when building their pavilion and preparing the daily shows, concerts and exhibitions.

Polish pavilion made of wooden apple crates (designed by 2pm architects):

expo_2015_milan_poland_pavilion skygate_expo_milan_polish_pavilion expo_2015_milan_poland_pavilion_welcome skygate_expo_milan_poland_pavilion skygate_expo_milan_polish_pavilion_apples

shop with polish local products such as fruit preserves, honey, teas, world-famous sweets:

expo_2015_milan_polish_pavilion_food expo_2015_milan_polish_pavilion_food_wedel

cinema hall:


the “secret garden”with apple trees, hidden on the top of the wooden structure: