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Say hello to Polish startups

Are you interested in the startup market and you don’t want to miss anything noteworthy? We recommend you to look at the best Polish startups that got financed this year.

In 2014 Forbes situated Poland in Top 7 European Startup Hotspots to Watch. At AngelList Poland is the 10th country in Europe according to the number of startups. Polish startup market is packed with startup events, which can be a remarkable hotspot for the greatest market leaders. More and more entrepreneurs get interested in Polish startup scene. Currently even the big players such as Google and Deutsche Telekom start to get involved.

Startup poland financing

In 2015 the sum of notable investment rounds, exits and acquisitions in the Polish startup market reached about $142 million.

Below you will find description of startups which received endowment this year.

1. Travelist ($60 million)

It is the first Polish startup which has received 60 million dollars endowment from Google Ventures. is Polish travel site which sells the best travel offers in affordable prices. The company became a part of Secret Escapes group in July last year, which is one of the British travel site leaders. gained the subsidy in C round of Google Ventures found. It will be invested in strengthening the position on Polish and overseas market.

2. Base CRM ($26.5 million)

It gained 26.5 million dollars funding in August. The aim of Base CRM is automation and client service support. The project has been created by developers from Cracow, but the company has also its team in Chicago.

3. Azimo ($20 million) ($20 million)

It has raised$20 million in B round of funding to support its expansion in Europe and to North America and Asia. Azimo offers sending money to emigrants’ families in low cost option. The startup headquarters is situated in London, but founders come from Poland.

4. ZnanyLekarz ($10 milion)

It achieved the leadership in online medical appointment searching. ZnanyLekarz is known worldwide as, which provides its services in 25 countries. The platform has been financed by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Łukasz Gadowski, and Fabrice Grinda, the OLX platform founder. The money will help in global development of the platform.

5. Ganymede ($6.5 milion)

Ganymede is one of the largest Polish companies in the game industry. It provides game solutions around the world and it is also the owner of the popular game portal MCI Management, Polish private investor has invested in the startup. This capital will be spent on further development.

6. UXPin ($5 million)

Established in 2010, UXPin is a tool to design and discuss web prototypes. The money from True Ventures will be spent on completing the latest version of the platform, and to make it available for B2B customers around the world.

Another Polish startups worth mentioning:

  • Explain Everything ($2.2 million)
  • Lavito ($2.1 million)
  • ZenCard ($2 million)
  • MFind ($1.5 million)
  • Sidly ($1 million)
  • Zdrowegeny ($1 million)
  • Booksy ($0.8 million)
  • StarBroker ($0.8 million)
  • Positionly ($0.7 million)
  • DrOmnibus ($0.6 million)
  • Key2Print ($0.5 milion)

Hope Polish startup scene will be still developing to be a great partner in global market.

Anna Bala
PR intern