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5 benefits of working with a remote dev team

Benefits of working with remote development team instead of hiring own in-house team. It offers access to top talents, versatile skills, cost-effectiveness and much more.

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Python good practices – part 2

We’ve been sharing with you the good practices we implement when programming in Python. If you haven’t read it yet, the first part of the…

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Python good practices – part 1

For a good few years we’ve been developing software in Python. Today we want to share with you the basics of crucial good practices we’ve…

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FOSDEM 2016 & Brussels Trip

Trip to Brussels Hence most of our customers come from United States, United Kingdom and Germany we travel quite a lot to meet with our […]

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DevMeetings Cracow

DevMeetings is a series of workshops for enthusiastic web developers located in different cities of (not only) Poland. Meetings are offered in pay what you want…

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PHPers Kraków #2

Hope to see you at today’s edition of PHPers, taking place for the second time in Cracow. After the meetup we invite you to the […]

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