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sky incubator is accepting startup applications on a rolling basis. Please fill out the following questions and we will reach back out to you with the next steps.

Our Mission

sky ▮ group is a technological ecosystem that supports entrepreneurs from the idea phase into revenue generation. We began as a software house, building products for some of the most interesting companies in the world, and now manage an international community of investors, mentors and startups while providing high quality services for all three groups.

About sky incubator

The story of sky incubator begins with the story of its parent company — skygate.
It has had the privilege of working with some of the most successful startups in the past decade, such as Modern Health, Indio, and Siren Care, which all went on to graduate from Y Combinator or 500 Startups, and raise rounds of between $28m and $40m. However, alongside these very impressive companies, the skygate team has also seen a fair share of companies fail.
Our years of experience in the start-up industry have given us a unique vantage point in understanding how startups should operate, and we’ve accumulated knowledge that allowed us to assist start-ups in their first steps. The desire to help founders led us to establish sky incubator.
Backed by an army of seasoned mentors and investors, program participants are met with a stampede of professional advice, which often leads to lifelong connections and priceless exposure to experience and know-how. Working with sky incubator means detecting failure before it happens, and also, aiming towards the right target, and shooting for it.
We’re excited to continue working with the world’s most interesting startups, while catering to the needs of investors, mentors, and industry partners

Jonathan ‘Yoni’ Perry
General Manager

Our Program

The incubation program is equity-free and scholarship-based for selected startups. It has 3 distinct phases, each adding a layer to the previous one, ending with opportunities for global expansion with our partners.

Phase 1

Consists of working directly with the sky ▮ group team, predominantly on business development, market research, and customer validation. There are several goals one must reach in order to graduate to phase 2, such as many (many) interviews with potential customers and partners.

Phase 2

Emphasizes work with external mentors. We will identify particular issues the company is facing, and connect the appropriate mentor for sessions to solve it.

Phase 3

Marks the beginning of engagement with investors. If you have made it this far, we will connect you with relevant investors from our network, as well as help and support all your efforts on your path to reaching investment.

Mentors of multiple different industries and roles

sky incubator is partnered with mentors of multiple different industries and roles, from VPs of marketing, to startup CPA consultants and Heads of Strategy. Typically, when a participating startup reaches the appropriate phase, we partner it with a relevant mentor to cover a particular issue. This is normally done by call or video chat, and sessions last for 30-60 minutes.

Investors from all over the world

sky incubator is partnered with tens of investors from all over the world, but mainly ones based in the U.S., U.K. and Israel. The roles of investors vary – some are simply open to warm referrals from us in return for constructive feedback (or an investment, if all goes well), while others actively mentor and engage with our startups on a deeper level.

Additionally, sky incubator maintains a very close partnership with Gold Ventures Investments (GVI), an international network of technology investors and mentors, with whom we work with on later-staged companies (typically, post revenue ones).


We work with over 50 different angels investors and VC firms, here is a small glimpse:

Our team

sky incubator is managed by a continent-crossing international team, from the U.S. and U.K., to Poland and Israel.

Chris Parjaszewski

skygate CEO

Worked with best YC and 500 Startups SF teams. Frequent traveller, husband and father of two. Currently turning the mono-service company into a multi-product and a hybrid corporation. Loves Israel, lives in Poland, US-minded, big-thinker.

Justine Botor

skygate CMO

Justine graduated two main fields of study: Management and Marketing, with additions of computer science and econometrics at the University of Economics. This gave her a wide range of skills that she utilizes on a daily basis in dealing with clients and planning new marketing strategies. In her free time, she likes sewing with a machine, and is a big fan of colors and patterns.

Yoni Perry

General Manager

Lives in NYC and loves bagels (with either lox or egg salad). Besides that, he graduated from NYU, writing a thesis about VC and entrepreneurship in Egypt, and also worked with tech-focused nonprofits and international accelerators. Aside from his own BD work, he is also active in mentoring startups regarding similar topics.

Frank Hysa

Head Mentor

Frank has done business in 20+ countries, raised money in Europe and currently lives in NYC. He earned a Ph.D. in management focused on open innovation strategies, has 7+ years of experience working into the future with corporates, startups & tech ecosystems. He is also a mentor & advisor in some the world’s biggest startup communities.

Bart Probe

Business Development

Bart has 9 years of experience in financial and technical client-facing roles, and has deep knowledge of everything between Business Development and Sales. His main expertise is Business Development, Business restructuring, and validation.

Hasan Khan

Business Development Representative

Hasan graduated from NYU with a bachelor’s in Politics, Rights & Development and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Public Administration there. He has worked in R&D, communications, and project management for startups, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofits alike. Loves writing, music, and learning about the innovations of today.


sky incubator works with the most innovative startups from a wide range of industry focuses. Here are just a few examples

Influencer marketing by the community
The driving force behind the mental fitness revolution
AI-based fashion stylist for consumers and retail
A multilingual chatbot that learns your customers
Bookkeeping software for ecommerce sellers
Accelerating plastic recycling for a sustainable future

Do you have any questions left?

You’ll be able to find answers to most of them in our FAQ section.
But if you don’t, please reach out, we’re always glad to chat.

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