From the Perspective of an Angel Investor

Yoni, skygate’s Head of US Business Development, recently met up with Moshe Neuman, a NY-based Angel Investor and CEO. Moshe has over 20 companies in his portfolio, some worth hundreds of millions of Dollars.

When we asked Moshe what is most important to him when being introduced to a new potential investment, he said the following:

– A high quality deck is very important. For people that might go through tens of decks a day, quality is a basic way to stand out and keep the attention high.

– He wants to see that you can convey a clear message and point, rather than struggle to understand what the company is doing He wants to know who and what the team members are.

– He wants to see that team members are qualified individuals with experience in a particular field.

Moshe himself is a generalist, so he’s open to investing in all industries, but feels most at home with fintech and realtech companies.”