From concept to desire - Fast

Visualize the idea to make the customer want to buy it.

Talking with customers coupled with building a product at a Hackathon speed.

No more “Maybe next year”

Working full-time? Can’t escape your comfort zone? Afraid of failure or long months with no real progress. Investors not seeing enough growth? Join us and see how that can change.

Real progress under 7 days

Don’t spend a fortune and wait months. Validate your business idea. Launch and get the first feedback after one weekly sprint.

Iterate quickly

You will work hard. We will work hard. There’s no other way. Weekly sprints to sync. Lots of motivation.

1 out of 40 startups raise first money

Investors want best or nothing. Make your team, revenue, product growth seriously fast. Prove your mommy and friends wrong – Elon Musk style!.

Founders’ #1 goal: questions to get answered

An ultimate question – how do I make first revenue?

skygate has been working with 500 Startups, Y Combinator and 100+ other founders.

Learn the dos and don’ts.

Get a signed customer within weeks, launch even quicker.

Wireframes? Clickable Demo?

Craft a user-friendly Concierge MVP (a real product, but mocked and combined with human work – users can’t tell much difference). Prove the idea on a frequent basis, add improvements and grow your app with us.


One week obviously costs less than a few months. When iterating fast, you can reduce the costs & risk significantly.

First sprint



Domain, hosting, simple web site

Simple mock of your app

Meet your customers

Feedback to run 2nd sprint

Second sprint


Improved designs

Improved app

Mastered copy

Email set up

Meet more customers

3 + 4 sprints


Your business validated

First signed customer

Iterative feedback cycles

Ready for initial product phase

See package for the 2nd

What can be done in two hours

Press on our work

Y Combinator
CGTN America

or more raised by clients to date

Smart enough?

skygate wants to be your forever partner in the hard life of a startup. We move fast and we’ll make you fly fast as well. Don’t wait any longer.