First Revenue

You’ve started, your idea is proven, don’t slow down, customers’ money awaits.

Second stage: focus on generating first money with your initial product. A lot of manual work behind the scenes. However, real money earned is a great step towards raising investment.

Work 7 days and make first $100 – does this make sense?

The entire Concierge MVP concept is about giving the impression of a real product, complemented with manual, hard work. Ready to go?

Paying customer equals proof

Show investors 10 paying customers, and they’ll invest in you. Sounds simple, right?

After each deal – product feedback gets implemented, and the features match a wider set of real user needs.

Automate and eliminate most labour-demanding parts of the delivery

We will diagnose the biggest human bottlenecks, lowering the customer acquisition and service costs gradually.

The ultimate goal is to sell at price higher than your cost of sales..

Prepare better arguments for investors

Get closer to your next stage: serious talks with investors. You’ve learnt lessons, so the next step is to change initial, mocked and manual process into a scalable, investable machine.

Surprisingly, the first 10 transactions will demonstrate flaws you haven’t thought of before.

Iterate with the entire product team

Communication is important:

▮ you don’t want to underestimate the hard parts

▮ you can embed existing tools into your team’s processes

▮ focus on the same goal

Prototyping is over!

You already have a ready prototype demonstrating the full functionality of the product. Vision now has more colours, animations and interactions – it’s all working and clickable.

This is a great foundation to start building a solid MVP.


One week obviously costs less than a few months. When iterating fast, you can reduce the costs & risk significantly.

Fifth sprint

$1600 ($900*)

Revenue from 1-2 customers

First prototype’s code

Research on existing semi-products

Improved design

*from the first sprint

Sixth sprint

$1600 ($1200*)

Revenue from 3-4 customers

Further code improvements

Application of semi-products

UX optimized based on data

*from the first sprint

7 + 8 sprints


Revenue from 10th customer

Prototype finalized

App is self presentable

Consistent and beautiful design

More importantly:

One step away from investment

See package for the 3rd

Example of a prototype

Press on our work

Y Combinator
CGTN America

Smart enough?

skygate wants to be your forever partner in the hard life of a startup. We move fast and we’ll make you fly fast as well. Don’t wait any longer.