Early-business stage

You’ve done so much. Time to invest in you!

The third stage: everything you’ve done so far will be converted into automation. Time to raise funds.

Just a few steps away.

Get ready for full automation. It’s now possible to create your MVP architecture is possible. At the same time craft, you can craft an irresistible pitch deck – in other words, an investable company.

Branding – tell the world your story

Have you thought of launching on Product Hunt or Hacker News? Ready to answer brutal feedback? We’ll get you covered here as well. Marketing & Design & Tech services to make a first good impression!

Early-adopters – how to recruit them?

When running your first ad on Facebook – what’s the image & text you’d put there? Where will the ad link to? How many interested people can you acquire this way and at what cost? What’s the conversion rate?

A beautiful story drives great pitch deck

Four Ts: Teach, Team, Traction, Treasure. Make the numbers looks impressive, make yourself resistible to hard questions, turn guesses into facts. Stand out.

Tech: Proof of concept

In the real world an MVP costs thousands of dollars. Don’t get blinded by misleading estimations and face the truth. A scalable and investable company needs solid tech. Before crafting a great MVP – you can spend time building a proof of concept – to simply prove the architecture is implementable. Take advantage of senior engineers and software architects’ experience to model your desired app.

Don’t worry – in many cases the proof of concept will be your beta-MVP

Scale your team!

You’re just one step from real money. What you’ve learned from the skygate team – should be now part of your in-house, core-competitive advantage. But how to hire great people?

Get help in technical recruitment, candidate screening. Improve your employer branding to attract the smartest and hardest-working employees. Support and train hired juniors. Get HR advice from us. Grow!


One week obviously costs less than a few months. When iterating fast, you can reduce the costs & risk significantly.

Ninth sprint

$1600 ($900*)

Revenue from 1-2 customers

First prototype’s code

Research on existing semi-products

Improved design

*from the first sprint

Tenth sprint

$1600 ($1200*)

Revenue from 3-4 customers

Further code improvements

Application of semi-products

UX optimized based on data

*from the first sprint

11 to 15 sprints

$1600 each sprint

Revenue from 10th customer

Prototype finalized

App is self presentable

Consistent and beautiful design

More importantly:

One step away from investment

Example of a beta MVP

Press on our work

Y Combinator
CGTN America

Smart enough?

skygate wants to be your forever partner in the hard life of a startup. We move fast and we’ll make you fly fast as well. Don’t wait any longer.