#1 skyhacks – Nov 16-18th 2018 – Open Sport Hall, 5 Chorzowska Street, Gliwice

Biggest Hackathon in Poland all about Artificial Intelligence

We believe the future of software development will be more and more integrated with smarter and smarter devices and algorithms. This Hackathon is focused around Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Classificators, Big Data & Data Science in general. It’s always about solving the real live problems.

Come and join us on this 36 hrs streak over the weekend – in southern Poland / Gliwice.

We’re just in the half-way between Wroclaw and Cracow, pretty close to Lodz and Warsaw + Vienna/Budapest/Bratislava and Berlin are not that far away.

We will be announcing the challenges from our partners soon!

Registration is open – register today!

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Knowing some of these topics will be must-have, so start training today:

  • Friday (16th Nov)

  • Saturday (17th Nov)

  • Sunday (18th Nov)

Hala Chorzowska 5, Gliwice

Hurry Up!