Learn how to raise capital

Be NOT one of the 95% failed startups

Rule #1:

Work hard!

Avoid procrastination, leave your comfort zone behind

Investors love the regular, weekly progress

Don’t focus on the product yet, avoid building the wrong thing

Be best prepared for hard investors’ questions

Talk to customers every day

Embed investors’ feedback into your weekly goals

Get a great toolset: todo list, reminders, materials & education

Accelerate fundraising

Methods learned from Y Combinator & 500 Startups + our own tips & tricks

Get warm intros to angels, mentors and founders

Attend weekly coaching sessions, communicate 24/7 via sms/chat/mail

Avoid common fundraising mistakes, traps and delays

Have a lead generation machine to reach out many new investors

MVP can wait, idea explanation can’t

Optional, but paid services with skygate product team

Beautiful, concise landing pages, forms and mailings

Clickable mobile and web prototypes

High and low fidelity wireframes

Intriguing, clean and beautiful pitch decks

Outstanding brand & social media materials


Have you ever wondered what is the biggest motivation for you? Weekly sprints in which you have to work hard for your success every day.

No excuses, no precious time wasted

Only hard work that brings real benefits

Reminder and motivation system - which will be a whip above your head

Once a week we will talk on Skype (or another communicator)


Start by listening to the needs of the market - this is the key to success.


Get validation before building

It's about speed and growth which is more likely happen if you are building what your customers need and not what you think they need.


Collect valuable feedback

Start by listening to the needs of the market - this is the key to success. Talk to your friends or family and random people what they think about your idea - it will allow you to verify how much your idea goes to people.

Simple rules? Yes indeed, but don’t forget about them.

If you persist in *skyincubator then we will contact you with 4 business angels. (*min. 4 weeks)

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