Why we don’t need dev process in skygate

Oct 07, 2018

In skygate we truly believe that there are no ready-made solutions and processes suiting every client. We understand that not everyone has a six-digit budget and years to wait for the perfect final product. To adjust to the client and their needs, and not realize internal processes – this is what I call true Agile.

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Marketplace startup and how (not) to build it

Apr 01, 2018

How to build a marketplace startup - definition, structure, process, examples of companies and our tips. Don't burn money on excessive development and try to keep the MVP platform simple - core features only.

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Dedicated Development Team in Poland

Mar 05, 2018

West Coast? East Coast? UK? Australia? Let's hire team with 60+ products built experience. Your ux & technology will get you the product while you can talk with your customers and investors.

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