Global Game Jam 2017

January 26, 2017

Global Game Jam - world's largest video game development hackathon in over 700 locations around the world.

5 benefits of working with a remote dev team

January 09, 2017

Benefits of working with remote development team instead of hiring own in-house team. It offers access to top talents, versatile skills, cost-effectiveness and much more.

Native vs Hybrid App development

November 17, 2016

Why is a Reactive Native a game changer in the mobile app development world and why is it better than Hybrid Apps.

4 reasons why you should switch to Angular 2

October 17, 2016

Angular 2 rules in terms of code and architecture. Unlike its predecessor, it is dynamic, component-based, has simple dependency injection and uses TypeScript.


October 07, 2016

In skygate we truly believe that there are no ready-made solutions and processes suiting every client. We understand that not everyone has a six-digit budget and years to wait for the perfect final product. To adjust to the client and their needs, and not realize internal processes – this is what I call true Agile.

Build your MVP with skygate

September 14, 2016

Build your MVP with skygate to obtain product/market fit, find investment to scale your business and build your own dream team.

Partners of TEDxWroclaw: Break The Silence

June 28, 2016

Over the last few months we’ve been meeting with TEDxWroclaw team in our office preparing the most amazing event ever - TEDxWroclaw The Musical: Break The Silence.