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Are we a marketplace or an agency? We offer two models of cooperation and, if needed, all the shades of grey in-between, we are probably the first platform of that kind on the market.

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Recruitment process
is broken

We know exactly how difficult it is to find a good team that meets our needs without wasting time, money and energy.

Expensive job posting

Do you spend a lot of money on advertisements, posting, databases?

Extended vetting process

Does it take you a long time to check the candidates?

Long waiting for a reply

Are you familiar with waiting 2 to even 10 weeks for decisions?

Save your time with us

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We offer you a platform with ready base of proven, best candidates for your project. Ready to hire prime quality developers?

Fast matching process

Give us 24-48 hours to deliver a dev meeting your requirements. We work hard to reduce that timeframe to even less.

Extended vetting process

We have verified all developers skills both communication-wise and tech-wise by 3 stage recruitment process.

Pre check video

We ask each candidate to make a short video about themselves.

15 000+ developers

We have 15 000+ part-time or full-time developers in our database.

Launch profitable products with us

Expand your development team with our experts. Top engineers, designers, project managers joining your team. Hire a single specialist or a managed team.

Define your expectations

Fill out a simple form in which you specify the number of people, required technologies, experience, language skills and time availability.

Build your team

Thanks to the platform, you will be able to easily and quickly select candidates based on your own preferences.

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Sign the necessary documents online and we will provide you with an employee in 48h.

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Get 2% top developers for your project

Expand your development team with our experts. We have specialist with years of experience, with remote working capabilities and a distributed team culture.

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Spending many hours searching and
negotiate offers with candidates.

With us you will hire ready to work
developers within 24 hours from

Long, tedious waiting for an answer
that for weeks?

The whole process is quick and
efficient with us.

Wasting a lot money on expensive
job posting?

Because how quickly you hire a
team with us, you will save not only
money but also time and energy.

Trying to coordinate all the
necessary technical and soft skills
tests with candidates?

We checked our developers skills,
both technical and interpersonal.
You can be sure that you get top

Our services

Product Design

Design Workshops


UX Design

Web3 Design

Web Development



TypeScript, React, Vue.js, Angular

Python; PHP; Node.js

Blockchain & Web3

Cryptocurrency launch

Decentralized login

Support for multiple chains

Web3 integration

Preparing contracts for an audit,

NFTS (Marketplaces, games)

Backend for NFT games

Environment setup

Mobile Development



iOS; Android; Desktop

React Native; Flutter; Swift; Kotlin;

Check how we help others

We have trusted clients with whom we have been working for several years


XXIst century UX in the XIXth industry


HIPAA compliant mobile and web apps

real estate

Airbnb supplementary real estate management

Set the right direction for your career

A place where skills mean more than a CV.


We offer two models of cooperation and, if needed, all the shades of grey in-between, we are probably the first platform of that kind on the market.
Having 13 years of experience in both recruitment and software consultancy – we leave you with a choice to make:

– work on a marketplace model – where you need talent and are happy to manage them

– work on an agency model – where you ongoing support, planning, and experience with delivery of less or more complex projects holistically (this one is more full-service)


We are a sweet spot between an agency (dev shop/software house) and a freelance platform – you can always choose to be more self-independent or whether you would like to work in a Team.


Whether you’re a big corporate client seeking 10 devs or a small early-stage start-up, you have to fill in our form at the beginning of the registration process. This will help us to better understand your needs, it will also help us to provide the best possible tech team for you.

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