Technical co-founder as a service

Code Review

Modern stack without tech debt

Eliminate hidden growth roadblocks

Product Kick Off

Hackathon speed prototyping

Concept to Traction in Three Stages

AI Tech Discovery

Labour intensive work automated

Enhance humans with Deep Learning

▮ Tech co-founder-like, pro-active approach to push things forward

▮ Fully skilled product team with problem solving mindset

▮ Emphatic communication, fair rules, hard work

▮ Iterative prototyping to growth market desire

▮ Y Combinator, 500 Startups and Forbes 500 proven

Quick decisions are best. Give this a shot today.

Code that speeds you up

▮ Good foundation for scalable business

▮ Refactoring strategies – advisory and implementation

▮ Slack & Github expert consultancy

▮ Key Milestone architectural review

▮ Fear your code no longer

From a 15 minutes review to an ongoing cooperation

Concept, desire, revenue, seed round

Unique prototyping process to generate desire in your customers, investors and new hires.

Get your visualised, deployed and monetised under 8 weeks.

Accelerate your company and get ready to scale with us.

Humans enhanced with deep learning

Discover parts of your business that can be powered by AI

Learn business cases studies for deep learning. Reduce costs and gain an unfair competitive advantage.

Workshops from $2500/day.

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