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Energylandia mobile

Energylandia is a platform to navigate through the amusement park, find attractions, provide information about queue times and interesting events happening in the park.

Google Play: energylandia app

Services: Backend, Mobile, Design, Business Analysis, DevOps

Stack: React Native, Node.js, PHP



One of the main challenges that we had to face as a team while building the application was to find a way for great navigation through the amusement park in the middle of nowhere. The core of the application was to allow users to navigate from their current position to the attractions, events, cafeterias and pubs. The park was located on the outskirts, so even Google maps didn’t have great data about the location itself.


“>As a team, we decided to look for the best solution that would provide users with detailed positioning in order to help them reach their destination. After hours of research and tests, we found a major breakthrough. After finding out the set of tools that would help us with delivering high-quality navigation we decided to push it and test it with real users. With a few tweaks to the routing, we managed to create an app that fulfilled the needs of our user.

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