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The best yoga gear meets best e-commerce software. Manduka company is famous for its production and selling high-quality PRO yoga mats in different sizes.


Type: Website

Services: Frontend, Backend



In 2012 we faced an amazing challenge in the e-commerce industry. We worked for the company, which customers we used to be. This time owner of the Manduka company and the architect of many yoga studios in the United States – Sky Melter, invited us to work together on the project.


“>We have tailored our solutions to maximize sales from the technical side. We have also used our knowledge and skills to manage web traffic. Depending on the user’s localization, the page displays the content he needs. We have carefully and correctly translated the page into other languages. Our key task in this project was to reduce the page’s loading time so that customers could quickly and efficiently make a purchase. We also reduced the chance that the page would stop working suddenly. To do this, we created additional backup pages, which display in case of technical problems, and because of them, we don’t have to stop sales.

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