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Mięsna Sztuka

E-commerce platform to sell local beef



Miesna Sztuka is the name for Polish startup oriented on delivering premium fresh, healthy beef from local Polish farm directly to the door.


Mięsna Sztuka is an an e-commerce platform to sell beef from local farms which is delivered directly to the door by courier.

From the very first meeting with the client, when he told us about his father’s farm and their business concept, we helped Marcin in thinking about the startup. The idea behind the whole venture was to share their absolutely mouthwatering meat experience with others, as they used to do with their friends only. Mięsna Sztuka, which in Polish has a double meaning – piece of meat, and art of meat preparation – aimed at gourmets, who value healthy and delicious beef from cows that eat grass, but also take care of environment and well-being of animals.

The company was not only to deliver high-quality beef from local Polish farm directly to clients’ door, but also to provide them with recipes and tips how to store, prepare and take all the best out of the meat.

What We Did

After the analysis of business requirements, setting the business strategy and consequently all functionalities needed, we did all the visual and development part including:

  • providing logo concepts
  • providing branding materials
  • designing all screens of the portal (homepage, shop, client’s and owner’s panel etc.)
  • newsletter design
  • all the development work.

Technology Stack

We did back-end, front-end and implemented the e-commerce in PHP/Symfony2 with payments and custom order delivery system developed from a scratch. The project included:

  • development of shop functionalities among others product page, cart, shopping available for registered users and without registration, purchase history, payment integration
  • order management system
  • logging and registering on the portal – also with Facebook and Google+ accounts
  • creation of internal CMS to add blog posts, recipes, news, to edit content of the pages and manage the shop (products available and orders)
  • newsletter created in the administration panel
  • efficient database enquiries
  • use of a few ready-made bundles
  • other technologies used: HTML5, CSS, RWD.


An A to Z product for our client – from strategy, branding to development.