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Modern Health


Modern Health puts the full spectrum of mental health care services and resources right in your employees’ hands. Simple. Effective. Tailored to their needs.


Type: Website, Mobile APP

Services: Design, Frontend, Backend



Modern Health emphasizes that employees’ mental health is as important as their physical health.
Our team helped to create a platform design thanks to which users can feel comfortable while using it. The platform takes care of everyone who needs to talk to their coach, psychologist, or psychotherapist from any place in the world.


“>We have designed the whole brand identity. What’s more, we created a platform for employees to keep them in their best mental form.
We used several different tools to achieve our goals. One of them was the Django Rest Framework, used to design the backend REST API. To virtualize the design environment, we decided to use Docker. Moreover, we used Jenkins for automating building processes and tests, and Cypress as a framework for automatic testing E2E. The main purpose of designing the app was to make every specialist available from any place in the world

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