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Platform with the focus on a video feature

Website: In develompent

Services: Frontend, Backend, Design

Stack: React, Redux, Firebase, MaterialUI



Our client wanted to build a survey platform focusing on a video feature. It was a startup, so we needed to implement the Beta version of the application very quickly. The tech stack was important because recording videos via web browser and saving those to the database may be problematic. We also were supposed to save the data regarding the time user spent answering the question to show statistics.


We have decided to use firebase for the backend because it helped us to speed up the development significantly. Firebase is an optimal solution for startups when there are not so many users. We also used React framework for the front end; it helped us to make the application responsive, so users could easily work on their mobile devices or tablets. We prepared proper designs, selected the adequate tech stack to deliver the app, and quickly tested the application to make sure it works cross-browser and is responsive.

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