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Siren care created special socks and feet monitoring system for diabetics, which continuously monitors feet temperature and sends information to the doctor.


Services: Frontend, Backend

Type: Website



In the Siren Care project, we were fighting for diabetics’ better tomorrow. Our team stood on its head and used new technologies and analytics tools to increase sales of the innovative product and to help people by giving them a modern and effective solution.


“>Siren Care was looking for a solution, which wasn’t immediately available then. So we started to do what we could the best…our job! We designed the product (from scratch, as the founders, Ran and Henk and investors wanted), which supported payments and resulted in final sales. We also needed our medical experience because now their socks are no longer available for purchase on the website. The socks are available for free for patients because their costs are covered by health insurance. Now people with diabetes can control the temperature of their feet, preventing their health deterioration and, in the worst case, amputation.

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