Custom Software Development Company working with Bay Area Founders and Fortune 500 companies – part of Mindpal


A platform for a Single Page App, in order to allow the customers to achieve a better user experience.


Type: Web App

Services: Design, Frontend, Backend, Devops, ML



We need to develop an application for corporations to help organize the hybrid working. It was important to collect all the requirements because the client did not want to jump into technical details. We needed to study corporations’ working environments to offer the proper solution for the client.


We decided to create an application that will be running inside the MS Teams, as in big organizations, mostly MS Teams are used for communication.
We have created custom designs and used MS Teams’ adaptive cards. We did deploys via Azure and prepared the architecture diagram, as the application should be highly scalable in the future, so we needed to think about everything as we go. We studied the environment of the big organizations to understand which tools they use for communication, prepared designs and proper user stories, and prepared a clickable prototype, so the client could make sure he is satisfied with our idea configured Azure services properly.

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