Expo 2015 Milano

This year's Expo edition is centered around the topic of food, nutrition, technological achievements in food production, gastronomic & agricultural traditions, as well as problems related such as hunger, undernourishment and food waste. The pavilions focus primarily on food related topics, each country encompassing it its own way.  

Continuing the previous post, here you've got some snapshots from the whole Expo 2015 exhibition site.

Expo Gate in the heart of Milan, introducing the event to the tourists and citizens: expo_2015_milan_gate the queue for the exhibition site: expo_2015_milan_gate_queue 37-metre high Tree of Life, the meeting point: expo_2015_milan_tree amazing Italian pavilion from outside and inside: expo_2015_milan_italian_pavilion expo_2015_milan_gate_italy expo_2015_milan_gate_italy_pavilion charming Estonian pavilion full of wood and eco-innovations: expo_2015_milan_estonia_pavilion expo_2015_milan_estonia_pavilion_trees expo_2015_milan_estonia_pavilion_plantslove the idea... I feel love, I feel Slovenia: expo_2015_milan_slovenia_pavilionFrance with its rich food culture and traditions: expo_2015_milan_french_pavilion expo_2015_milan_france_pavilion impressive Russian pavilion with a huge mirror: expo_2015_milan_russia_pavilion Chinese pavilion with breathtaking light installation inside: expo_2015_milan_china_pavilion expo_2015_milan_chinese_pavilionUSA: expo_2015_milan_usa_pavilion Qatar "palace": expo_2015_milan_qatar_pavilion Brazil - lots of fun walking through the upper part: expo_2015_milan_brazil_pavilion expo_2015_milan_brasil_pavilion_modern Czech Republic - cool pavilion with a swimming pool: expo_2015_milan_czech_republic_pavilion