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Your doctor is at hand, as your phone

Effective therapy will give you quick results and increase your comfort.

What do we offer?

Digital Health

Forget about getting ready to go out, traffic jams and parking problems! With our tools you can talk to your doctor and patient from home or during lunchbreak at work. You don’t have to go to the clinic to get a prescription. The doctor will write it through the Internet. It has never been so easy and convenient to visit the doctor!

No matter with which medical specialist you want to consult or what type of services you offer, we can help you with our business experience and knowledge of modern technology.

In our portfolio you will find for example: shy chemo, sky thyroid, DearBrightly.

AI Solutions

AI solutions can be used to obtain information and data, which will help you to predict results and to make decisions. They can also analyse customers’ behaviour and help you to draw conclusions. What’s more, Artificial Intelligence automates processes and optimizes tasks.

Proper use of technology in company is your best assistant for your daily work.

AI Solutions

Consumer Experience

Online medical consultations, online medical products sales, a platform that controls effects of treatment, or a medication-taking reminder application…

Regardless of your range of activities in medical industry – your customers’ experiences are the most important.

We will realize your idea from both the design and the technical side to make it intuitive and to encourage people to use it.

Ultrasound cancer detection

More and more people suffer from cancer. The fact is that the faster you detect cancer, the bigger chance of recovery you have. We know, that the ultrasound images are not always reliable and accurate. That’s why we have developed a solution to this problem! Now it’s possible to convert the image from ultrasound into 3D.

With our solution, you will save your precious time, because even the less experienced doctor can analyze ultrasound results, without wasting time, and consulting other, better-experienced doctor. As a result of this, patients’ waiting time, and stress are reduced to a minimum.better-experienced doctor. As a result of this, patients’ waiting time, and stress are reduced to a minimum.

AI cancer detection

Longevity — health monitoring 360

You are healthy as long as the weakest organ in your body is functioning properly.
Is it possible to be forever young? With skygate – yes, it is!

Thanks to different medical specialists, their commitment, knowledge, skills, and the fact that we understand their point of view, we can make a comprehensive analysis of your health and disease risk factors to determine possible health effects. We can also determine your biological age, on this basis.

Health monitoring application in 360 will help you to remain healthy, and in good physical, and mental condition.

Our products supporting health


System based on AI which monitors patients during their home chemotherapy

Our experts in the Health Industry

Dr. Maciej 


Department of Cancer Pathology at the Oncology Institute in Gliwice

During the course of specialization in pathomorphology at the Institute of Oncology in Gliwice, he graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw, and gained clinical experience in many places in the country and abroad.

Dr. Łukasz


Jedrzej Sniadecki Special Hospital in Nowy Sącz

Specialist in clinical oncology. Receives his patients as part of an oncology clinic in southern Poland.