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skyventures – building our own products

Building our own products makes the world
a better place and make us more empathic when building services. We are organizing within internal and external cooperation to have multi-disciplinary products


We’ll provide tools that will help you work in the orchard. Using various cameras, we are able to collect high-quality data from your orchard. We analyze and share a full range of statistics that allow for precise growth of the plant and profit.

early detection of
diseases and pests

information about

harvest size

stress detectors

fruit counting


We create future chemotherapy. We are building a patient monitoring system during home chemotherapy, which takes care of the patient and improves treatment.

We use telemedicine and AI technologies. We harness telemedicine and AI technologies for the development of home chemotherapy.

control of the course
of treatment

analysis and machine
learning system

patient monitoring and
early warning
of irregularities

contact patient – specialist
oncologist / chatbot


Short-term predictions enable skytrader to use advanced scalping – collecting income from small price variations. Deep Machine Learning powered by enormous computing power allows us to win in 85+% transactions.

We’ve built advanced backtesting mechanism. Any strategy, prior launching on production is heavily tested against the historic data, therefore we know it’s score and accuracy on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We’re building more than one hundred strategies. They’re automatically adopting to the current market situation on a daily basis. Stock is bought and sold within tens or hundreds of seconds. Teams building these strategies consist of mathematicians, Data Scientists and professional traders.

Training and perfecting the deep learning models takes long hours, but the model response is then within small digit milliseconds. Models are pre-trained prior to every day, working on hundreds of gigabytes od data daily, to deepen our market advantage.

A manual day-trader is able to monitor ~50 companies against 1- 2 strategies. Our algorithm observes ~8000 stocks against more than one hundred strategies in real-time.
We’ve built foundations for a fund capable of trading hundreds of millions of US dollars


skyforce are solutions for process automation, streamlining bottlenecks e.g. in production lines.The software we create introduces higher quality and performance, e.g. product quality control process. The spectrum of possible applications of our technologies in CV and AI covers all sectors and professions in which human eyes can perform tasks.

we use different types
of computer vision

analysis of the data obtained
is performed by artificial intelligence

creating fully automated systems as well as employee support systems

creating systems for recognizing and analyzing objects and people

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