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Strengthen your code

On-demand code review services done right

Have just one pull request to review?

Want to discuss the entire refactoring strategy?

Architectural advice needed before you kick off?

Is your code barely stable?

First 30 minutes of review on us, then $20/15 mins.

Your code = spaghetti?

Tech debt analysis:

So the code kinda works, but you feel it’s hard to understand?

No worries, you’re not alone. Knowing how well your code is constructed can help in making decisions about future velocity and app stability prior to extending it.

Refactor or rewrite?

When you know the code is super messy, the question arises about the possible next steps? Many times the quickest approach is to rewrite, but still there are many ways to refactor, so you’re not slowing down the business’s progress.

Debt. What’s next?

The comparison to financial debt is a great metaphor. It’s absolutely fine to take a loan. Still, it’s good to understand the real impact and cost of it over time.

Architecture to renovate?

Considering migrating to a new platform / framework?

Consult an experienced team before making significant changes in code.

Your website / app is very slow?

Are you experiencing low traffic and a high bounce rate? Does your server respond slowly?

Quickly running out of resources?

Scaling AWS doesn’t help and you’re often running out or CPU, RAM? Maybe the problem is with the code? Let’s diagnose and unblock bottlenecks one-by-one.

Complex database queries?

Millions of records in your DB? Every time you conduct a complex search, filter or pagination – your DB simply freezes for many seconds?

JS size damages SEO?

Migrating from Client to Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Do you have your corporate website tightly coupled to your main application in Angular, React or Vue? Are you suffering SEO and page load time issues from it?

Time to Split

Modern sites often combine all of their JavaScript into a single, large bundle.

We specialize in disconnecting your corporate site into SSR while making it easy to further develop your app.

One-time or regular code-review model

Extra pair of eyes

A review process complementary with in-house development.

Quick question needs an answer

You’ve just hit a wall and StackOverflow is not helping? Ask us, we’re just a Slack message away.

Stuck with a single tech stack for all projects?

Learn alternative approaches – we’re happy to provide you with project starting packs and real-life examples.

Struggling to do devops yourself?

Stuck switching from EC2 to ECS? Problems with IAM and AWS credentials?

Struggling with Google Cloud or Firebase? Figuring out how to migrate to/from Azure?

Are you still manually deploying to production? Do you know Kubernetes, Docker etc?

Blockchain consultancy

Trade with a higher level of trust.

Blockchain apps allow for more trust between peers who don’t know each other.

Run ICO or STO.

Security Token Offering blends the powers of the crypto-world with all the necessary compliances, regulations.

Writing a White Paper?

Craft a detailed guide to your project, with technical and industry-specific details. Make your audience familiar with the industry. Present your unresolved challenge with solutions to overcome it.

Need Smart Contract help? Or a crypto-wallet set up?

Ask for expert Blockchain help.

Selecting between Stellar, Ethereum, Hyperledger?

Ask a dev expert on slack, anytime

Want to learn more about on-demand code-review services? Here are possible the ways to connect with skygate. Our Customer Happiness team manages calls, chats, meetings and emails.