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Rapid Innovation for Corporates

Enterprises need to be ready for the incoming technology cycles of new. The time dealy between the two cycles is also getting shorter every decade. If that’s the case, should we think and act the old way?

Can the prototyping be faster?

These days, more and more technologies can be operational under 2-3 weeks.

including complex systems, consisting of tens, hundreds if not thousands of elements. It typically takes a startup to be ready for a pilot and proof of concept phase – long months if not years to get in front of these companies. We shorten the process to weeks, thanks to two assets – networking and reverse pitching.

The problem first, solution second

Very often, startup founders – with scientific, engineering, and overall, product background – comes with solutions prior to problem validation.

It’s never easy to distinguish between the problem somebody WILL AND WILL NOT pay real money. Very often – the solution itself – is a very ambitious challenge, so founders quickly get in love with it

How do we work?


The problem-first approach is simple - we are in touch and in relationship with multiple corporates from different industries.


As the next step - we ask and create a list of pain points.


We’re asking for those problems - these companies would like to pay money to get solved.


Few weeks later - we build prototypes and continously improve from the feedback collected.

sky plugs to company for an ongoing collaboration

We present the cutting edge technology to these companies, seek and integrate solutions for various sources. What is more important – we note down the problems the corporates have and report to us.

From there – we organize the series of business matchmaking events – named skyexpo match – to look for technology providers, startups, and partners with pieces missing for the solution to become real.

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