Startup Safary Berlin 2014

Startup Safary - what it is?

SUSBerlin creates days of open doors for startup ecosystems. Visitors have a chance to visit startups, VCs, accelerators, incubators and community hot spots in a given city. The event takes place all over the city in various locations. Can't wait to see fabulous offices of participating companies.
  • Find interesting sessions in the program
  • Create your own agenda
  • Follow your agenda across the city
  • Show up at offices for sessions
SUS Berlin 2014 edition is coming soon! Enjoy our latest animation for our partner #SUSBerlin and see you there on September 4-5th :) If you want to meet skygate team - full of great ux/ui designers, frontend, php and python developers - and you'd like to talk about your product, your startup, your company, your vision - just give us a note. We'll be there for sure. One of the greatest event in startup community - you can't miss it.

Soon you'll be also able to visit cities like Kiev, Copenhagen, Leipzig, Warsaw, Sophia, Athens, Poznan, Bishkek and many other soon. You can visit companies like Zalando, WunderKinder, HitFox, Stripe, DeliveryHero, Eventrbrite, Google, hub:raum, KAYAK, LOVOO, Microsoft Ventures, UBER, Twilio, Axel Springer PLUG & PLAY Accelerator, Point Nine, Get Your Guide, Etsy and more. 

or open it directly: TouTube 

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The event does not have a single venue, but takes place all over a given city. Participating companies organise sessions at their offices. These sessions are included in the overall program of the event. Depending on the size of a given ecosystem, the events usually take from 1 to 3 days and can have from dozens to hundreds of individual sessions.
Attendees register online and pick sessions they want to attend. Then, they travel around the city, visiting various locations.