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A web application which makes it easy for stock traders to build investment portfolios by using Heatmaps and advanced filtering.

Jan 2012 – Nov 2014

Our work

We designed and built a web application using JavaScript / AngularJS for the frontend and Python / Flask / WebSockets for the backend. We integrated the backend with real stock data from a third party tool.

Starting with fresh design, we prepared a brand-new application based on AngularJS and requireJS. To allow more options of filtering, we combined the tool with the financial screener. The heatmap project visualizes the stock market structure in the format of Windows 8 start screen tiles. The color of each company depends on the change in value, its size reflects the total value. , the companies have been divided into sections and/or indices. Using the drag-and-drop method, investors can create their own stock market portfolio and then check on the chosen companies. Heatmap is an outstanding project mostly because of its advanced filters, contemporary design, charts and stock market news regarding each of the companies.

Scope of work: design + front-end + back-end

Technology: Adobe Photoshop, JavaScript, requireJS, angularJS, yeoman, mv*, Python, flask, WebSockets, rest

Client Feedback

“The team is incredibly ambitious and constantly jumped at the opportunity to build more features into the projects we gave them.”

Adam Bratt
Lead Developer, Benzinga, Michigan